About Us

The Bull Creek Foundation (BCF) was founded in 1994 to be a steward of the Bull and West Bull Creek Watersheds. BCF’s creation was prompted by the citizen effort to preserve the Stenis Tract, which was purchased in January 1999 as Water Quality Protection Land. Since its founding, BCF has been an all-volunteer effort that has built and maintained trails, organized work days to maintain the greenbelt and district park, and completed a wide range of improvement projects throughout the watershed.

With Austin’s dramatic growth, the Bull Creek greenbelt and watershed are showing signs of overuse and environmental degradation. The need for a comprehensive watershed plan and scaled-up maintenance is reaching a critical point. To carry-on the work of BCF’s founding members and continue stewardship of Bull Creek, we have recently formalized BCF and are working to reinvigorate our base of active volunteers. Please join us!

Rachel McGill – President 

Rachel McGill is a Licensed Massage Therapist by day (and weekend), a Texas Master Naturalist, Certified Interpretive Guide, wife, and mother of two very active boys all other times.  She is completely solar powered and enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking, trail running, laying on warm rocks, and just about anything else you can do in the sun.  A Lakewood resident since 2010, Rachel became active in the Bull Creek Foundation in 2016 in response to the overuse of the park caused by Austin’s explosive population growth.


David Cook – Vice President

David Cook recently retired after 30+ year information technology career with The University of Texas at Austin and Teacher Retirement System.  He is using his new spare time to enjoy photography, running, and birding.  He volunteers with Keep Austin Fed,  Travis Audubon, The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center and of course the Bull Creek Foundation.



Jennifer Ramos – Community Liaison 

Jennifer Ramos is a professional photographer, instructor, and avid hiker. She started organizing park clean-ups with friends when realizing the best way to combat the litter problem was by personally addressing it. Most recently, Jennifer served as Program Director at an East-Austin Based, Artist Mentor program, in which professional artists were paired with 5th grade students. Over the past seven years, she’s taught photography in camps and classrooms. Her mission is to bring people to Bull Creek Parks, helping foster a sense of community and a shared love of the outdoors.


 Jim Ross – Treasurer/Secretary

Jim Ross is a long-time Austin resident. He works in Information Technology for the State of Texas. He enjoys experiencing and learning about Bull Creek. His goal is to make sure that future explorers of Bull Creek, including his two granddaughters, have an even better experience.

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Please consider supporting the Bull Creek Foundation through a tax-deductible donation. Your gift will directly support improvements along the Bull Creek Greenbelt and in the watershed.


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We have many different opportunities to get involved with the Bull Creek Foundation. Organize a work day, lead a hike, work on a project, recruit volunteers. Click the button above to tell us how you want to be involved!